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Today, innovative technologies are changing the face of the food industry. With the rise of digital platforms, mobile technologies and the Internet of Things, there’s an ever-increasing number of ways for you to enhance your business and increase efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting technologies in the food sector and how they can help your business.

Cook food perfectly every time with Cinder

Cinder is an exciting new cooking technology that programmatically monitors food temperatures, making sure that your customers’ food is always safe and cooked to perfection. Cinder uses ceramic plates and vacuum sealing to achieve what its founders call ‘precision cooking’ – cooking throughout the food to an exact temperature. This extremely precise temperature measurement technology is ideal for molecular gastronomy cooking. Cinder will even text you when your food is ready!

Find craft beer and wine at Eebria

Ever feeling like your competitors always have a more interesting drink selection? Fear not, Eebria is here to help you keep your drinks menu fresh and interesting. This online platform helps you buy anxiety canadian pharmacy online beer directly from a huge range of craft beer and wine sellers. You can even explore what’s on offer using their unique recommendations engine – take a look!

Take the pain out of accounting with PlateIQ

There’s a lot of online accountancy platforms out there, but few of them are as perfectly suited to food-related businesses as PlateIQ. This unique platform allows you to upload invoice snaps shots for automatic digitisation into your records. You can also track the cost of menu items by ingredient breakdown, giving you a birds-eye view of your most economical dishes and ingredients. PlateIQ will even sync with your existing accounting software, like Sage or Xero, giving you a great front-end architecture to work with.

Cut down on wasted food with Winnow

Winnow claims to be able to save food businesses between 3% and 8% on their food costs by tracking everything that you throw in the garbage. The system integrates with your bins and carefully weighs whatever waste you drop in, feeding back into a daily report. You can then view all your waste and optimise ingredient expenditures for total cost efficiency.

Source cheap food with Olio

If your business is really into sustainability and low waste, this app could be great for you. Olio gives users a platform to search for and advertise surplus food in the local area. Its users range from private individuals looking to get rid of unwanted food to businesses and food suppliers trying to make the most out of their excess stock. You can pick up food items really cheaply, and get access to some unique, homegrown foods.

Keep your food safe with Hawk

Finally, don’t forget about the Hawk Safety monitoring, checks and audit solutions! To hear even more about them feel free to get in touch by dropping us a quick email here.

We hope that’s given you some great ideas to get started bringing your kitchen into the 21st century. If you spot any more great technologies for the kitchen, we’d love to hear about them!