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Hawk Safety

Ensure full compliance by digitally monitoring your assets,
and go paperless by automating tasks & checklists.

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Monitor your Assets

Real-time Asset Monitoring for Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability

Our sensors allow you to monitor multiple assets and locations in real-time from anywhere, anytime – Access a wealth of insights through our user-friendly web-based dashboard or our mobile app.

  • Versatile Monitoring: Our monitoring solution seamlessly integrates into any asset or environment
  • Tailored Alerts: Receive customised alerts for any changes, whether in temperature, humidity, or other crucial parameters, ensuring prompt response to potential issues.
  • Multi-Asset Surveillance: Effortlessly monitor multiple assets and locations, streamlining your oversight and enhancing efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Logging: Temperature data, along with humidity, CO2, and other parameters, is fully logged for easy access and analysis.
  • Confidence in Monitoring: Trust in a comprehensive monitoring system that provides complete confidence in the well-being of your assets, regardless of the environmental factors involved.

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Automate your Workflows

Replace your paper processes and guide your teams through their day. Whether it’s opening checks, cashing up or compliance, you’ll know everything’s been done.

  • Allow you to create customised checklists
  • Allow you to assign checklists/tasks to individual members
  • Tells the team exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Send alerts when checklists are done or overdue
  • Keep a secure digital record of all the daily checks