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Food Safety Simplified

Full Compliance – 100% Paperless – All Data Logged – Real-time Alerts

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What’s included?

From single sites to global chains, our digital food safety solution is perfect for you,
and can be tailored to work with your business needs!

Food Safety

Digitise your food safety management system and HACCP – accessible from anywhere and easy to use.

Staff Digital

Easily create & assign checklists to any staff member, and receive notification updates.

Temperature Monitoring

Remotely record all appliance temperatures around the clock, with automated non-compliance alerts.

Temperature Probe

Digitally log all food temperature steps and records with all staff, supplier, menu and HACCP info built-in, for easy temperature monitoring processes.

Food Safety Software

Simplify your management with effortless Food Safety Software

Manage everything in one place: from digital checklists, policies and HACCP, to staff training information and comprehensive due diligence records.

Whether you’re a single site with a small team, or a big business with multi-site logins and strict hierarchy of control requirements, our solution can be customised to your needs.


Remove Paperwork
“Go Paperless”

Real-time Alerts
of Temperature Change

Assign Task through

Ensure your
Fully Compliant

Digital Checklists

Monitor Task Completion Anywhere, at Any Time

Convert your current paper checklists or spreadsheets into smart, digital lists in minutes. Automate task management, corrective actions, and text, email, & push notifications for overdue, out of range, and incomplete tasks.

  • Allow you to create customised checklists
  • Allow you to assign checklists/tasks to individual members
  • Tell you exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Send alerts when checklists are done or overdue
  • Keep a secure digital record of all the daily checks

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

No matter your industry, our temperature & humidity monitoring solution simplifies management, allowing you to monitor all your refrigerated assets simply and remotely through our intuitive app.

  • Monitor below zero temperatures
  • Receive tailored alerts of any change
  • Monitor multiple assets & locations
  • Temperature data fully logged
  • Complete confidence in your temperature monitoring system

Digital Temperature Probe

Our smart and easy-to-use digital food probe simplifies temperature management for foodservice businesses

Our food temp probes let you safely manage your daily food service cycle from goods-in to final service, with built-in HACCP rules and automated temperature data logging.

  • EHO-ready 24/7
  • No human error
  • Monitor multiple assets & locations
  • Time saving
  • Data archived
  • Watertight traceability