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Real-time TemperatureHumidityCO₂Moisture Monitoring

Monitor your assets with ease

Minimise the risk of non-compliance

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Automatic Monitoring of Restaurants Pharmacies Food Chains Laboratories Warehouses Cruise Liners Vets Blood banks Mortuaries Pharmaceuticals Vaccine Centres Medicines

Monitor your Assets temperatures with ease

Monitor your asset conditions effortlessly with our comprehensive monitoring system. Our wireless solution goes beyond temperature, extending to include parameters like humidity, CO2, and more, ensuring a thorough assessment of a diverse range of assets and locations with precision and ease.

  • Versatile Monitoring: Our monitoring solution seamlessly integrates into any asset or environment
  • Tailored Alerts: Receive customised alerts for any changes, whether in temperature, humidity, or other crucial parameters, ensuring prompt response to potential issues.
  • Multi-Asset Surveillance: Effortlessly monitor multiple assets and locations, streamlining your oversight and enhancing efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Logging: Temperature data, along with humidity, CO2, and other parameters, is fully logged for easy access and analysis.
  • Confidence in Monitoring: Trust in a comprehensive monitoring system that provides complete confidence in the well-being of your assets, regardless of the environmental factors involved.

Download the Hawk Monitor App

How’s it work?

The Hawk monitoring solution provides seamless oversight of multiple assets across various locations. Utilising the Hawk Monitor App, you gain a live view of your assets and receive instant notifications if a unit deviates from your pre-set range.

Our long-life, low-impact wireless system is easily installed, requires minimal maintenance, and ensures full compliance.

All the necessary parameter data is logged, allowing you to effortlessly review past data for all connected units. Our monitoring solution also alerts you to predictive recommended maintenance, leading to significant time and cost savings.

The outcome? Streamlined operations as your team no longer needs to perform manual checks.


What’s included?