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Automate your Workflows

Create & assign digital task/checklists suitable for any use!

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Automate & Digitise your Tasks & Checklists…

Create Actionable Tasks

Effortlessly build and manage checklist templates in any format (including tables!), catering to your unique needs and ensuring consistent safety procedures.

Customise each template to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows.

  • Assign to team members
  • Receive alerts of updates
  • Create performance reports
  • Flag an issues
  • Complete records kept

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Automate your Routines

Leverage automation to schedule or execute checklists at specified intervals or based on specific triggers, ensuring timely completion and reducing manual effort. Eliminate repetitive tasks and optimise workflows for greater productivity.

Flexible & Easy to use

Embrace flexibility – Our Workflow platform gives you the freedom to easily generate ad hoc forms directly from the app.

Quickly access the information and tools you need to conduct immediate safety assessments, ensuring prompt and effective task completion.


Transform your safety management with Hawk Safety’s Workflows module. Streamline tasks, automate processes, enhance compliance, and cultivate a safer, more productive workplace.

  • Create Reusable Checklist Templates
    Standardise safety procedures with consistent checklist templates.
  • Schedule and Automate Checklists
    Streamline workflows by automatically executing checklists at designated times.
  • Generate Ad hoc Checklists
    Conduct immediate assessments with ease using on-demand checklist generation.
  • Optimise Tasks and Processes
    Eliminate manual steps and streamline workflows for enhanced efficiency.
  • Ensure Compliance and Safety
    Maintain adherence to safety protocols and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Boost Productivity and Efficiency
    Save time and resources by automating tasks and streamlining workflows.

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