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IT systems for any business while large or small are considered to be a cost centre albeit a very important one at that, here at Sterling Thermal Technologies Ltd in Buckinghamshire the IT services required for the business are no exception when supporting and protecting the data & assets of the company.

Most companies alike will have a server room of some sort full of high powered networking equipment that generates a huge amount of electrical heat, the general environment of the server room is controlled by air conditioning sometimes multiple units to keep the temperature at a reasonable 18C-20C.

In the event of an out of hours failure with the air conditioning or the electrical circuit they are on would have catastrophic results, and could result in severe damage to the IT equipment due to the extreme heat build-up.

Having a probe or sensor that monitors this room 24/7 not only carries peace of mind but also alerts in the event that the temperature is rising for whatever reason, and this is where the Hawk Safety real time temperature monitoring comes in to play and is the reason we went with this product.

Simple setup, consists of a sensor that’s easily wall mounted and a small hub with an antenna that plugs either in to a network port or your WIFI network which in turn communicates with the sensor allowing real time stats to a web portal or your phone app to view or monitor the temperature, or you can just leave it doing its thing it will alert you if the temperature exceeds your chosen temperature threshold.

We found the Hawk Safety monitoring system by searching the internet, we knew this product would fit the bill for our requirements, very simple setup, easy to monitor – inexpensive for what it does, you do not need any other over complicated or expensive system this product just works and it does it well.