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Perfect for Restaurants!

Full Compliance – 100% Paperless – All Data Logged – Real-time Alerts

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It’s important to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly, which is why having a robust and reliable solution in place to manage your food safety, team work, and create automated checks is crucial.

Remove Paperwork
“Go Paperless”

Real-time Alerts
of Temperature Change

Assign Task through

Ensure your
Fully Compliant

How can we help?

From single sites to global chains, our solutions are perfect for you,
and can be tailored to work with your business needs!

Food Safety

Digitise your food safety management system and HACCP – accessible from anywhere and easy to use.

Staff Digital

Easily create & assign checklists to any staff member, and receive notification updates.

Temperature Monitoring

Remotely record all appliance temperatures around the clock, with automated non-compliance alerts.

Temperature Probe

Digitally log all food temperature steps and records with all staff, supplier, menu and HACCP info built-in, for easy temperature monitoring processes.

Provide oversight across multiple restaurants

A bird’s eye view at local, national or international level in real time and scalable to meet your business needs however they may change.