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Temperature Monitoring for Museums

Our Wireless Temperature Monitoring closely monitors the desired
temperature levels and provides real-time alerts of any change.
Perfect for ensuring all artefacts, artwork exhibitions and much more
are stored and displayed in a temperature controlled environment.

Trusted by Museums

Our Hawk temperature monitoring solution allows you to monitor multiple artefacts, artworks and storage areas with ease.

Through the Hawk roost, you’ll have an On site display for live view of temperatures, as well as receive notifications if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range.

Our long life, low impact wireless system is easily installed and requires minimal maintenance, and ensures full compliance.

With all temperature data logged, you can easily view past temperature data for all your connected units.

Our temperature monitoring solution alerts you of predictive recommended maintenance and food waste management, saving you time and money.

Perfect for Exhibitions

Allowing you to monitor multiple items at once remotely at different temperature levels makes our solution perfect for museums.

Temperature Change Alerts

Our real time temperature monitoring solution can be used not only for alarms and historical data analysis but also to regulate the temperature and inform you of potential threats.

Compact & Portable

Our solution is compact and portable, ideal for situations where temperature logging may be temporary or for enclosing with a valuable shipment.