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the Hawk Monitor App for Android and iOS


Monitor utilises a variety of sensors, including temperature, humidity, door open/close, and CO2, to provide comprehensive monitoring for your valuable assets. Whether you need to monitor the temperature of fridges and freezers, storage areas for pharmaceuticals, or even track CO2 levels in confined spaces, Monitor has you covered.

With its seamless integration with our state-of-the-art hardware, including hubs and sensors, Monitor offers a complete solution that combines reliable data collection with intuitive mobile app functionality. The app acts as a central hub for all your monitoring needs, providing real-time insights and alerts to ensure the utmost safety and compliance.

Never compromise on the quality of your products or risk regulatory violations. Monitor’s intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly configure temperature thresholds, humidity levels, and CO2 limits to suit your specific requirements. Receive instant notifications and alerts if any parameter goes beyond the set limits, giving you the opportunity to take immediate action and prevent any potential issues.

But Monitor is more than just a monitoring app. It’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you with actionable data and powerful analytics. The app provides a comprehensive log of historical data, allowing you to track trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions to optimise your operations and ensure continuous improvement.

Whether you’re managing a restaurant, pharmaceutical storage facility, or any other business that relies on precise environmental conditions, Monitor offers peace of mind. Protect your valuable assets, maintain regulatory standards, and deliver superior quality with confidence.
Experience the power of Hawk Monitor and take control of your asset monitoring needs. Download the app now and unlock a new level of confidence in the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your business operations. Together with our cutting-edge hardware, Hawk Monitor is your trusted partner in ensuring the utmost protection and optimization of your critical assets.