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It’s important to ensure your hospital runs smoothly, which is why having a robust and reliable solution in place to manage your food safety, team work, and create automated checks is crucial.

Our solution allows:

– Temperature management of your pharmacy storage
– Temperature management of your Food storage
– Realtime automated alerts of temperature drop
– Create work checklists to assign to staff
– Allows you to be HACCP compliant

Automated monitoring – saves time and alerts give extra peace of mind.

Catering departments can monitor fridge, freezer, storage unit or room temperature.

Our Monitor application can also be used to wirelessly monitor Pharmacy storage Lab samples, Mortuary temperature and Ward drug temperature

See all temperatures LIVE via the Roost.

If an asset is out of temperature you will know straight away and are able to act on it. The roost then allows you to record the corrective action on the interactive screen and log directly to the cloud. Data also accessible on the hawk dashboard accessible on any internet connected device anywhere in the world!

Record and manage all key HACCP requirements on one single easy to use app. No need to store anymore paperwork!

Provide rock solid reliability

Your information is safely backed up and accessible from anywhere. Simply load the hawk dashboard on any internet connected device to access reports and admin control. Download simple and easy PDF reports ready for EHO

Schedule Checklists in order to move any documented processes off of paper

HACCP Compliant
Package of built-in HACCP checks.
Monitor Temperatures
Monitors multiple fridges and freezer units
Notifies you if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range
Wireless Solution
Fully wireless and easy to integrate

Time & Team Management

The Hawk Audits and Checklists modules give businesses the flexibility to build their own processes digitally. This simple tool captures the steps taken as a part of any procedure, and creates a simple to use checklist that employees can follow.

The result? A reduction of human error, combined with the digitalisation of unlimited duties: that way your company can keep moving regardless of who is doing the work.