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Kaviari has acquired a unique expertise on wild Iranian caviar. It is this exclusive knowledge that allows them to work today with the best sturgeon farms around the world. Their passion for excellence requires them to follow every step of the farming process : reproduction of natural conditions for the best farming quality, careful selection of species and their best roes.

Kaviari experts control each original tin : the look of the roes, their smell, texture and of course, taste. Only the most complex and flavorful grains are selected to compose the caviar. it is this work, combined with passion that has been building their reputation among gourmets and the best chefs in the world.

Catherine Hooton (Sales Manager, UK) reached out to Hawk after she saw the system in use at ‘Caractere’ (, one of the London based restaurants she supplies.

Due to move into a brand new unit with new chillers, she instantly saw how Hawk could give her the peace of mind that the important stock of Caviar would be held at the correct temperatures required whilst saving her and the team both time and money.

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“I’m more than happy with Hawk monitor, simple to use and does basically everything for you.”

The Challenge

Multiple large chillers all filled with quality Caviar require temperature checking several times a day for both quality and compliance purposes.

Relying on manual temperature checks is simply too risky. It means they are vulnerable between checks, especially longer hours overnight. Any possible refrigeration failure could lead to an eyewatering value of stock lost.

Why Kaviari chose Hawk Safety

Whilst visiting one of her clients, Catherine noticed the Hawk visual display of temperatures on the wall in the kitchen. She contacted Hawk to understand what we can offer in more detail. She knew this was exactly what she needed to protect her stock when not on-site.

How Hawk Safety Responded

Following a survey, Hawk Safety understood the challenges, the building layout, the assets, and was able to build a solution with our own manufactured hardware and software specific to Kaviari’s requirements. The relevant hardware was allocated, the onboarding information was loaded onto the system. Installation was planned.

Upon installation, the hardware was all ready to go and installed within an hour. The team (both end users and admin) were trained on the platform and it was live that day. No more paper records! Alerts in place to protect the stock!

The Results: Time Savings

5 units manually checked twice a day at approximately 1
minute per unit x 365 days = Saving of 60 hours per year

The Results: Cost Savings

Data collection Time £1,703
Training employees £260
Managers Site visits £540
External Audit Time £360
Maintenance call outs £1,800
Paper, ink, printers £390
Insurance Premium reductions £120
Efficiency – emails / Comms £988
Reduced Wastage £520
Reduction in Energy Cost £67
Total Savings  £6,748