Checklists done right.

Create, monitor and track all your checklists, assigning to team members and receive updates and alerts on progress.

Create Customised Checklists

Create checklists for all your work scenarios to ensure all steps are followed and executed.

Assign Team Members

Assign Checklists and work by role, team or to a specific individual.

Realtime Updates

Receive notifications and updates as to how a checklists is progressing and be notified when items become overdue.

Our initial concerns with a transition to a new system and a new product were put at ease with the personalised and professional support offered by Hawk

Head ChefLondon Fine Dining Group

Hawk is fantastic! Already it has saved so much time and revolutionised our food hygiene. The team here have really embraced the new technology. Looking back now it is hard to see how we managed without it.

Meridian MeatsDirector and Butcher

Ensure Accuracy and Consistency

The Hawk Audits and Checklists modules give businesses the flexibility to build their own processes digitally. This simple tool captures the steps taken as a part of any procedure, and creates a simple to use checklist that employees can follow.

The result? A reduction of human error, combined with the digitalisation of unlimited duties: that way your company can keep moving regardless of who is doing the work.

Our Hawk Checklists Platform allows you to:

  • Ensure a consistent approach is adopted
  • Automate Checklists for completion
  • Create Checklists to be adhered to for New Staff Training
  • Identify where performance can be enhanced

Upload Photos to Checklists

Hawk Checklists gives you the ability to upload photo proof to improve employee behaviour for cleaner kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

Daily Repeatable Tasks

The Hawk Checklists solution allows you to set tasks to be repeatable daily, weekly, however you require.

Performance Overview

With Hawk Checklists you are able to see a performance and insight overview to determine where accountability lies and where efficiency can be improved.

Request a Free Trial & Demo

Find out for yourself how our hawk checklists platform can help your business create, manage, monitor and your checklists and your team members performance.

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