We meet your individual food safety management & HACCP monitoring needs in the most efficient and reliable way with our cost-effective, paperless solution that’s built around cutting edge technology.

Hawk Safety dashboard to monitor and record all your health, food and safety checks

Hawk is a system that works in a single site environment, an international enterprise or anywhere in-between.

How Hawk will benefit your business

Save you time and money – Our completely paperless system is automated to save your business time and money. Fridge and freezer monitoring doesn’t need to be carried out by staff, critical control point checks don’t need to be written down, audits don’t need to be emailed.

Keep you in the loop with real time alerts – Hawk keeps an eye on your systems day and night, so you don’t have to. You can set up custom alerts to text or email if a unit falls out of the parameters you define, giving you total peace of mind. Corrective actions are logged to show your due diligence.

Provide rock solid reliability – Your information is always safely backed up and accessible from anywhere. You can view and create reports of your records as far back as you like, giving you demonstrable total control over food safety management, with ease of access to your systems.

Change to suit your business – Whether you’re looking to monitor temperatures on just one site or track audits internationally, Hawk’s modular design enables you to access the features you want to nothing more. If your needs change, Hawk can change to suit.

Report and score how you want – No need to change your templates or formats. Hawk fits your needs, feeds data back to you how you want it, saving valuable time.

Provide oversight across multiple locations – Hawk provides you with a bird’s eye view at local, national or international level in real time and is scalable to fit your business needs however they may change.

Store the information that matters most – Sometimes the information that really matters is an image, not text. Hawk safely stores images, audio files, video and much more within the platform so you can access everything when you need it most.

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