Our vision has always been to create a system that meets your business’ unique food safety needs in the most efficient and reliable way possible. So, we’ve evolved the Hawk Safety platform to make your journey into digital transformation even easier.

From Wednesday 4th July, you will have access to the new Hawk Safety platform, as well as our improved modules. You can upgrade immediately, by emailing support@hawksafety.com, otherwise, we’ll be in contact to move you over to it. It will not cost anything additional to your current yearly fees.

New features and benefits

Along with the improved overall user experience, we’re empowering users to customise the dashboard and modules in granular detail. The new look and feel of the platform allows users to personalise their systems by customising the colour scheme, and adding logos to reports. Ultimately, giving businesses even more control.

Introducing our new Monitor, Checks, and Checklists modules

Monitor module

  • With ease, self-install hardware and set configurations: design the ecosystem your business needs within five minutes.
  • Visually access both historic and real-time data using graphs and simple navigation.
  • Identify temperature peaks in the Monitor graphs to anticipate any abnormal situations, and schedule maintenance on assets before they break down.
  • Set notifications – both email and SMS (if subscribed) – depending on the severity of the abnormality. Define if there needs to be a delay (a one-off change) and who needs to receive the notifications.

Checks module

  • No matter where you’re located, default settings based on your country’s food safety and HACCP regulations are already configured for you, allowing for all basic checks to already be included in the day-to-day routine.
  • Import products and suppliers you use in bulk, to ensure that your checks are specific to your business. You can even create exceptions and parameters for inputs.
  • Annotate checks and non-compliant checks so details can be added to your reports in case of an inspection.

Checklists module

  • Make customised checklists using templates that are easy to create and manage: use the default templates built by Hawk, curate your own version of them, or create new templates from scratch.
  • Outstanding tasks and checklists are displayed on the dashboard, so you can see what has to be completed in real time
  • Schedule checklists to be issued regularly: only once, every day, every week, or every month. Mark a task as completed directly from the dashboard – only one click away after logging in.
  • Upgrade to use additional widgets to access real-time information regarding checklists and tasks.

Ready to upgrade or have a question?

Contact our support team directly by phone +44 3330 14 37 14 or by email at support@hawksafety.com

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