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The Monitor Bundle Includes:

  • Hawk Roost
  • 5 x Hawk Sentry (Sensors)
  • Customer onboarding
  • Delivery
  • Access to a library of templates (or create your own) to digitise your processes
  • Access to the hawk dashboard for reporting and admin

Our automated monitoring system allows you to see your fridge/freezer, storage unit or room temperatures via Hawk using any internet connected device. Using email, nominated members of your team can be notified when a unit falls out of pre-defined tolerances and goes into alarm. This provides a proactive approach to prevent stock losses and also saves time through removal of the need for manual temperature recording.

Benefits of Hawk Monitor

  • Monitors multiple fridges and freezer units
  • On site display for live view of temperatures
  • Notifies you if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range
  • Low impact wireless system
  • Easy to view all of the information from multiple units including historic data
  • The Monitor enables predictive maintenance and food waste management, and time and costs saving

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