Hawk Safety partners with Food Alert

Food safety technology leaders to provide an end-to-end solution for the hospitality industry. On Monday 25th June 2018, Hawk Safety, food safety compliance hardware and software solutions provider and Food Alert, a leading safety consultancy and technology firm, signed a distribution partnership agreement to supply their integrated products to the UK hospitality industry. The partnership […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 5

This week, let’s check out the top stories from  supply chain transparency and trust, to the impact of digitalisation in the food and beverage industry: Blockchain technology to extend GS1 standards to food testing labs Two food testing labs from Vietnam and Australia are joining forces with a blockchain provider to extend globally-recognised GS1 industry […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 4

This week, let’s check out the top stories from Blockchain technology to food safety support and food poisoning, we have all the hot tips you need in your arsenal be a Hawk industry know-it-all.   Could Blockchain Technology Drive FSVP Compliance ?  The current traceability standard of “one step forward, one step back’”is less and less suited for […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 3

This week, let’s check out the top stories from food challenges, audits and scandals all over the world: Sustainability: 2050 food challenge By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9.2 billion. To ensure food availability for everyone, the world needs to increase food production by 70 per cent. Faced with dwindling agricultural land, […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 2

This week, let’s check out the top stories from investments in food safety research to blockchain technology and food legislation: EFSA’s Advisory Forum calls for more investment in food safety research Recent discussions and statements call to actively drive the development of research and innovation in the EU, align better EU/national R&I investments, and facilitate collaborative […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 1

This week, let’s check out the top stories from IoT to food safety and temperature sensors markets: IoT in Agriculture Market to See Incredible Growth During 2025 Proliferation of Internet and smartphones in the current market is anticipated to create significant growth opportunities for IoT in agriculture market globally, enhancing agricultural productivity.   Big Data […]

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Why food laws matter more than you think

Here at Hawk Safety, we have covered many food safety related topics over the last few months however one subject we haven’t yet touched on is food law – and this one’s a big one! Everyone working with food and drink, even those that may only come in contact occasionally (such as cleaners), have an […]

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3 food hazards that you need to be avoiding

When thinking of hazards your first thought might immediately spring to unsafe work spaces, trips, falls, and other dangers to food handlers. Although these are all important aspects to consider there are also hazards regarding the food you prepare, cook and ultimately serve to your customers. Below we’ve outlined three simple hazards that you should […]

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Everything you need to know about the danger zone

Having your food prepared and cooked at the right temperature is so important that we’ve decided to create an easy to follow infographic. Want to know how to avoid the risk of food poisoning? Sure you’re following the correct procedure from the moment healthordisease.com food is cooked to the time it’s consumed? Why not print […]

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Why improving your personal hygiene is important for food safety

Personal hygiene. Is it really that important for food handlers? The answer is YES! Personal hygiene can often be overlooked when assessing food safety in the kitchen as there are so many prevalent factors. Unhygienic habits may go unnoticed and cause all types of problems with the most notorious being the transfer of bacteria to […]

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