Hawk weekly news – Article 5

This week, let’s check out the top stories from  supply chain transparency and trust, to the impact of digitalisation in the food and beverage industry: Blockchain technology to extend GS1 standards to food testing labs Two food testing labs from Vietnam and Australia are joining forces with a blockchain provider to extend globally-recognised GS1 industry […]

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Hawk weekly news – Article 4

This week, let’s check out the top stories from Blockchain technology to food safety support and food poisoning, we have all the hot tips you need in your arsenal be a Hawk industry know-it-all.   Could Blockchain Technology Drive FSVP Compliance ?  The current traceability standard of “one step forward, one step back’”is less and less suited for […]

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3 food hazards that you need to be avoiding

When thinking of hazards your first thought might immediately spring to unsafe work spaces, trips, falls, and other dangers to food handlers. Although these are all important aspects to consider there are also hazards regarding the food you prepare, cook and ultimately serve to your customers. Below we’ve outlined three simple hazards that you should […]

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The top 5 foods that could cause you food poisoning

According to the most recent Food Standards Agency report, each year over 500,000 people in the UK suffer from food poisoning due to known pathogens. This figure rises to more than double when we include all the unknown ones! The most common pathogens come in the form of Campylobacter affecting a staggering 280,000 people, Clostridium […]

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The dangers of salmonella and how you can prevent them

Salmonella is one of the most well-known and common culprits when it comes to food poisoning, especially when cooking with eggs or chicken. Salmonella can cause symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever within 8 to 72 hours of consuming the contaminated food. This is dangerous for your customers and your reputation but also, […]

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