Hawk is made up of different components,
designed to stand alone or operate in complete synergy with each other.
All Hawk Solutions work together with our temperature monitoring systems, critical control check probes and data management hub.

Hawk Monitoring Module


  • Monitors multiple fridges and freezer units
  • On site display for live view of temperatures
  • Notifies you if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range
  • Low impact wireless system
  • Easy to view all of the information from multiple units including historic data
  • The Monitor enables predictive maintenance and food waste management, and time and costs saving
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Hawk Checklist Module


  • All records are automatically stored and easy to retrieve
  • Bluetooth probe allows ease of use in any situation
  • Forms are quick and easy to use so food preparation is not interrupted
  • Various types of checks included cooking, reheat, cook to cool and hot hold to cool, hot and cold display, delivery and dispatch, calibration, cleaning, and more
  • All HACCP checks preconfigured according to current regulations
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Hawk Checks module

Checklists and Audits

  • Digitise all your checklists and audits into a central online database
  • Create your own highly customisable templates
  • Easy to monitor centrally and report on
  • Real time clarity on what has and hasn’t been done
  • Create tasks as a result of your checklists and audits and assign them to team members
  • Upload photos and documents to keep all the information in one place
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Hawk Incidents Module


  • Able to remotely monitor a doors lock or un-lock status
  • Application includes fridges & freezers, security doors, building entrances or any other environment where remote door operation is needed via door magnets.
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring ensures your assets are always protected and not left open unnecessarily
  • Wireless sensors allow for quick and easy installation and immediate effectiveness
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