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Our food safety systems provide you with everything you need to help you easily manage and monitor all aspects of food hygiene and safety within your business.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Automatically and accurately record the temperature of any item our sensors are attached to. Providing realtime alerts of any change and keeping a log of your temperatures.


  • Monitors multiple fridges and freezer units
  • On site display for live view of temperatures
  • Notifies you if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range
  • Low impact wireless system
  • Easy to view all of the information from multiple units including historic data
  • The Monitor enables predictive maintenance and food waste management, and time and costs saving
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Food Safety Checks

Keep a perfect record of all your food hygiene checks to prove you are HACCP compliant in an inspection.

Working in conjunction with our temperature probes, easily keep a digital log of the temperature of all your food


  • All records are automatically stored and easy to retrieve
  • Bluetooth probe allows ease of use in any situation
  • Forms are quick and easy to use so food preparation is not interrupted
  • Various types of checks included cooking, reheat, cook to cool and hot hold to cool, hot and cold display, delivery and dispatch, calibration, cleaning, and more
  • All HACCP checks preconfigured according to current regulations
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Digitise your checklists

Trade piles of paperwork for easy digital food safety processes. Ditch the spreadsheets and get on with what you love doing. Anytime, anywhere.


  • Digitise all your checklists and audits into a central online database
  • Create your own highly customisable templates
  • Easy to monitor centrally and report on
  • Real time clarity on what has and hasn’t been done
  • Create tasks as a result of your checklists and audits and assign them to team members
  • Upload photos and documents to keep all the information in one place
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