Box of 50 Fluid Resistant Type IIR Face Masks

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Quantity - Box contains 50 x Type IIR Masks

The Hawk Standard Type IIR Fluid Resistant Mask conforms to the European Standard EN14683:II

Provides adjustable tie on fastening to ensure the mask can be securely fitted.

MATERIAL: Polypropylene spun-bond non-woven fabric and melt blown fabric.

SPEC: 175x95mm (+5%) 3PLY

Knowing your Face Mask

Holding the mask in front of you, the white side is the inside of the mask and the top of the mask has a stiff bendable edge.

Directions for use

Put on the mask by pulling the earloops around the ears. Pull the mask down to cover the chin.

Gently press the bendable edge to mold to the shape of your nose.

Safely removing your Face Mask

Individuals should be careful not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth when removing their face mask and wash hands immediately after removing.

How long should I use a mask for?

It is recommended that the mask be replaced daily. Masks should be replaced immediately if damaged.

How should I store my Face Masks?

The packed products should be stored in a well ventilated room with relative humidity of no more than 80%

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