Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer + App

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The Hawk Smart Bluetooth thermometer is an integral part of the “Body temperature check” via Bluetooth connectivity, and temperature data could also be displayed in real time on the Hawk Checks tablet.

Using Hawk Safety “Scheduling” feature; temperature monitoring of personnel could be pre-programmed for regular intervals i.e. twice daily, logging and retaining user name, temperature, time and date to a secure cloud platform. Archived daily temperature logs could allow establishments to maintain staff health and plan and display guidance on quarantining through the Hawk “Body temperature Check”.

The “Body temperature check” can accommodate unlimited users, facilitating small to large organisations, and with a paperless cloud based system allowing effortless historic user data viewing and auditing.

The hawk customizable browser “Dashboard” allows establishments to generate alerts, reports and trends, facilitating departments to display accurate guidelines for staff to follow during an alert, this invaluable feature limits staff training for system use and allows them to promptly adhere to official guidelines in the event of an alert.

The “Body temperature check” also allows establishments to log all personnel; either staff or delivery drivers to contractors visiting the premises. Allowing food outlets to forward temperature data of staff and delivery drivers to customers via food ordering Apps or payment receipts.

• Temperature control Pass/Not pass result for staff, visitors and contractors

• Temperature control implemented in existing processes (configurable, optional or mandatory)

• Secure cloud base data storage.

• Reports and Analytics

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