Hawk is made up of six individual modules,
designed to stand alone or operate in complete synergy with each other.
All Hawk modules work in synergy with our temperature monitoring systems, critical control check probes and data management hub.

Hawk Monitoring Module


  • Monitors multiple fridges and freezer units
  • Notifies you if a unit falls out of your pre-defined temperature range by SMS or email
  • Wireless system is low impact
  • Easy to view all of the information from multiple units including historic data
  • You can access your information in a real time on the Hawk Roost or from any web connected device
Hawk Checklist Module


  • All records are automatically stored and easy to retrieve
  • Bluetooth probe allows ease of use in any situation
  • Forms are quick and easy to use so food preparation is not interrupted
Hawk Incidents Module


  • Rapid response and information collation as incidents occur
  • You can log any sort of incident from slips and trips to theft or food poisoning
  • Upload photos so assessors, inspectors and insurers can get the full picture
Hawk Checks module


  • Digitise all your checklists into a central online database
  • Easy to monitor centrally and report on
  • Real time clarity on what has and hasn’t been done
Hawk Audits Module


  • A more advanced form of checklists with added oversight and reporting
  • Create your own highly customisable audit templates
  • Easily track progress and results
  • Create customer reports that suit your business
  • Create tasks as a result of your audits and assign them to team members
  • Upload photos and documents to keep all the information in one place
Hawk Predictor module


  • Helps to predict your Food Hygiene Safety Rating
  • Designed in a way to accurately assess your situation without staff looking to modify the score
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