This week, let’s check out the top stories from Blockchain technology to food safety support and food poisoning, we have all the hot tips you need in your arsenal be a Hawk industry know-it-all.  

Could Blockchain Technology Drive FSVP Compliance ? 

The current traceability standard of “one step forward, one step back’”is less and less suited for the current global marketplace, and governments are demanding more. Handling all this information is a challenge for food producers of all sizes, around the world.  

Newspaper headlines: Meat safety fears 

The Guardian says that suppliers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales breached safety and hygiene regulations, including failing to maintain legal temperature controls. It reports on more than 300 “major” non-compliances relating to cross-contamination, which the FSA says is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. 

Canada donates CAD 250,000 to support food safety, animal/plant health standards and trade in developing countries 

Canada is contributing CAD 250,000 to the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) in 2018 to help developing countries comply with international food safety, animal and plant health standards and therefore access agricultural markets more easily.  

Fears new trade deals with US will increase UK food poisoning 

An analysis flags food safety fears for future UK trade deals. Figures suggest that the percentage of people who fall ill with food poisoning annually is ten times higher in the US than the UK. Sustain fears treating increased food poisoning could increase deaths from food poisoning and cost the NHS and UK economy at least £1bn extra per year. 

Two more dog food companies recall products for Salmonella 

Carnivore Meat Co. of Green Bay, WI, and TruPet LLC of Milford, OH, are recalling dog food and dog treats because of possible Salmonella contamination. Both companies’ products tested positive for Salmonella contamination. The recalls are of public health concern because of the potential hazard to both human and animal health: People who have handled the dog food are at risk of Salmonella infection. 

Bureau Veritas Launches Origin, the World’s First Blockchain-Based Complete Food Traceability Solution 

Bureau Veritas launches Origin, the world’s first traceability label to give consumers a complete end-to-end proof of a product’s journey, from farm to fork. This solution will be presented to an international audience on March 5th 2018 in Tokyo, at the Global Food Safety Conference. 

10 Years, 0 Salmonella Outbreaks 

Almond Board of California (ABC) takled food safety head-on in the wake of emerging Salmonella concerns in the early 2000s. In 2017, ABC marked the 10-anniversary of its mandatory almond pasteurisation program – and, most importantly, 10 years free of Salmonella recalls and outbreaks attributed to California Almonds.  


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