This week, let’s check out the top stories from investments in food safety research to blockchain technology and food legislation:

EFSA’s Advisory Forum calls for more investment in food safety research

Recent discussions and statements call to actively drive the development of research and innovation in the EU, align better EU/national R&I investments, and facilitate collaborative approaches, whilst aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Driscoll’s uses new technology to improve flavor, food safety

Driscoll’s, a $3.5 billion provider of berry plants, is turning to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain, to produce hardier plants and fortify its supply chain, which includes traceability.

Future of blockchain technology

IBM and nine food manufacturers and retailers last year formed a consortium to explore how blockchain technology may improve the safety and transparency of the food supply chain.

EU auditors to examine food safety policy

An EU-wide audit of food safety policy has been announced by the European Court of Auditors to examine whether the EU’s food safety model is ‘soundly based’ and whether it works to keep food products consumed in the EU safe.

Top 5 Safety Food safety violations given by the FDA

The FDA issues citations to food manufactures that do not fully implement or commit to their HACCP plans. While organizations can use existing food safety programs as part of their preventive controls, HACCP plans need to be consistently updates, reviewed and implemented.

Five years of data show bacteria-related food recalls increasing

The Stericycle Recall Index has been tracking product recalls in the United States: the food and beverage industry experienced the most dramatic spike in units recalled over the past five years.

‘Limited number’ of Cadbury’s Caramilk blocks recalled after plastic found in chocolate

Some of Cadbury’s limited edition Caramilk are being recalled after small pieces of plastic were found in a “limited number” of blocks. The news was announced via a Facebook post and in less than an hour, it had more than 20,000 share and 25,000 comments.

UK food and farming sectors come together in joint Brexit statement

Thirty-six organisations from across the food and farming sector have clubbed together on a statement outlining what a successful Brexit means to them: protecting the interests of the food supply chain is not only important for the UK economy, but also for protecting food security of the nation.

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