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The Hawk Roost is an integrated data hub that stores and displays asset temperature checks in a visually compelling way. Through a continuous uninterrupted wireless transmission, our intuitive user-friendly design works with the Hawk Sentry to keep your team informed with the most relevant data to their tasks.

The Hawk customisable dashboard displays live data received from Hawk modules and provides instant access to all your data and reports. Connect to the Hawk Dashboard from any devices and keep track of all your critical items management.

Hawk Roost Features.

Visual display of your assets

Wifi or Sim based

Caches information

Over the air update

The Hawk Roost

  • The Hawk Roost is a wireless roost operating with Google Android 5.0.
  • The device is configured for full offline redundancy to be able to receive and process data during a power or network failure and can make use of 3G failover if necessary.
  • The Hawk Roost is Wifi and RF compatible (868Mhz or 915 Mhz), with 8GB storage and 1GB memory.
  • The wireless roost is powered by main power with a battery backup of eight hours if the main power source fails.
  • The Hawk Roost measures 281mm x 242mm x 21mm and weighs 524 grams.

Hardware & Bundles




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