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It’s easy to start digitising your HACCP processes. Simply visit the Hawk sign up page to register yourself and start setting up your information as per your current HACCP plan.

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Assign Checklists and work by role, team or to a specific individual.

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Digitise your HACCP processes

The free registration gives you access to our library of templates and allows you to create your own checklists and assign them to your team.

After signing up, navigate to the “Templates” section to see the checklists available, based on your industry. You can duplicate and edit them, or create your own from scratch.
Watch this video to see how a template can be modified or created in just a few steps.

Once you have your templates ready, navigate to “Checklists/Audits” to schedule your first process: this can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, etc. or just assigned one-off. Play around with the scheduling module, submit your first checklists and explore the potential of the built-in reports.

You can also start uploading your products and suppliers and configure the parameters of the HACCP checks that you usually do as part of your policy (cooking, cook to cool, delivery, etc.). The HACCP checks can then be completed via our intuitive Android app.

To enjoy the full potential and automation of the system you may want to consider purchasing our sensors (for automated temperature monitoring) and Bluetooth temperature probe (to increase the accuracy of your HACCP checks).

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Suitable for all businesses

From kitchens to laboratories, our solutions are suitable no matter your work environment


From restaurants, mobile caterers, and take-aways, our temperature monitoring ensure 5 star food safety temperature compliance.


Our system ensures vaccines, samples and stock is stored at stable and consistent temperatures.


Ensuring your butcher freezers and display counters are properly monitored.


Our system ensures medicinal stock is stored at stable and consistent temperatures.