Hawk Roost

Hawk Roost is an integrated data hub that stores all your temperature checks through a continuous uninterrupted wireless transmission.

Our intuitive user-friendly design, based on a proprietary tablet, receives continuous uninterrupted temperature data from the BioMaster protected Hawk Sentry via radio frequency (RF) transmission.

Hawk Roost is configured for full offline redundancy to be able to receive and process data during a power or network failure and can make use of mobile data failover if necessary.

Hassle free installation – our dedicated technical experts will come and install the system for you and provide onsite training to your staff.

Hawk Roost - data hub for recording and monitoring temperature controls of fridges and freezers

Hawk Sensor

Hawk Sentry is a wireless temperature sensor designed to accurately record and transmit temperature at a configurable interval.

The Hawk wireless temperature sensor is BioMaster protected to inhibit and prevent bacteria growth offering you complete peace of mind and an extra level of protection.

Hawk’s wireless temperature sensors work with 2 AAA lithium battery which, on average, last for 1.5 years (depending on the configured transmission rate) and in conjunction with the Hawk Roost will store all your data automatically, negating the need for paper-based recording of temperatures checks and critical control checks.

Fast response Bluetooth temperature probe

Hawk’s range of BlueTherm® Bluetooth penetration temperature probes

Hawk Fast Response BlueTherm® Bluetooth penetration temperature probe will:

* Securely transmits data up to twenty meters
* Eliminates wires, cables & connectors
* Response time less than 1 second
* Bluetooth wireless technology
* Probe Ø3.3 x 130 mm
* BioMaster probe handle reduces risk of bacterial growth

Hawk’s BlueTherm®Bluetooth temperature probe is a fast response, stainless steel penetration probe suitable for liquids and semi-solids including fish, fruit and other soft or delicate materials. Response time less than one second. Probe temperature range -49.9 to 249.9 °C.

Hawk’s BlueTherm® Probe transmits temperature data Hawk wireless device via a secure connection and is specifically designed to eliminate the need for wires and connectors which often cause many traditional probes to break or fail.

The Hawk BlueTherm® Probe measures and transmits temperature over the range of -49.9 to 249.9 °C with a 0.1°C resolution. The unit will securely transmit temperature data up to a maximum of twenty metres (line of sight).

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