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Hawk Roost is our premium integrated data hub that stores all your temperature checks through a continuous uninterrupted wireless transmission. Our intuitive user-friendly touch screen tablet design, receives continuous uninterrupted temperature data from the BioMaster protected Hawk Sentry via radio frequency (RF) transmission.



The Hawk Mini Hub is an alternative to the Roost that stores all asset temperature checks, Without data visualisation. It collects data from up to 20 connected sensors and due to of its compact and integrated design, the Hawk Mini Hub can be fixed onto the wall or freestanding – Out of sight and out of mind.



Hawk Sentry is a wireless temperature sensor designed to accurately record and transmit temperature to your Hawk Roost at a configurable interval. The Hawk wireless temperature sensor is BioMaster protected to inhibit and prevent bacteria growth offering you complete peace of mind and an extra level of protection.



Hawk’s BlueTherm®Bluetooth temperature probe is a fast response, stainless steel penetration probe suitable for liquids and semi-solids including fish, fruit and other soft or delicate materials. Response time less than one second. Probe temperature range -49.9 to 249.9 °C. Other types of Bluetooth probes are available.


Food Safety Devices

With increasing concerns about food safety among consumers, businesses, and governments, the need for reliable digital food safety devices has become paramount. It is crucial for businesses to ensure that the digital food safety devices they utilise are capable of effectively monitoring and managing food safety risks in real-time.

Our digital food safety devices offer a wide range of solutions, utilising advanced sensors, algorithms, and analytics to detect and prevent food safety risks such as temperature fluctuations, contamination, and spoilage.

One of our most sought-after digital food safety devices is the digital probe. Equipped with advanced sensors, it accurately measures the temperature of food, ensuring that it is cooked at the appropriate temperature. When linked with our Hawk Checks app, with a response time of less than one second, it can save hours of time and eliminate the need for manual paper-based records.

Another popular device in our range is the food safety temperature monitoring system, which employs a combination of sensors and analytics to monitor the temperature of all your refrigerated devices in real-time. This is crucial as improper storage temperatures can lead to rapid bacterial growth, resulting in foodborne illnesses. Our system sends alerts promptly in case of any temperature changes, allowing for swift action to prevent food safety risks.

Investing in our reliable and innovative digital food safety devices will provide you with the peace of mind you need to ensure that your food is stored and monitored in compliance with food safety regulations. Browse our range of digital food safety devices today and optimise your food safety management.